Posted by: Lee H | 20/04/2010

Champions League Set For Weekend Final

The Bernabeu Stadium will host the Champions League final

If you didnt already know this season’s Champions League final will take place on Saturday 22nd May, in an unprecidented break from the traditional Wednesday final.

The final will take place at Real Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium, the fourth time the venue has hosted the European Cup final and could yet see Real’s arch rivals Barcelona involved if they can overcome Inter Milan in their semi-final.

It is hoped the move will influence more children to attend the final and brings the showpiece event in line with many other domestic cup finals, such as the FA Cup Final, which regularly takes place on a Saturday.

Editors View

I’m not sure what to make of the move to be honest. I’ve grown used to seeing the Champions League final on a Wednesday, the classic finals of 1999 with United and 2005 with Liverpool have created history in football on a Wednesday night, it’s tradition. But I suppose in time we will learn to get used to it, especially if more English sides continue to make the final as they have done in recent years.


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