Posted by: Lee H | 19/04/2010

Sochi Olympic Stadium

Sochi Olympic Stadium - Winter Olympics 2014

The coastal city of Sochi, in Russia, are to host the XXII Olympic Winter Games and the design for the new 40,000 seater stadium, to be built as the centrepiece of the games, has been inspired by Russia’s famous Faberge Egg.

The stadium’s walls and roof are to be one continues glass surface that reflects the sunlight off the see during the day. The design of the stadium allows for spectacular views across Krasnaya Polyana Mountains to the north, and dramatic views of the Black Sea to the south.

After the games the stadium will be become a training centre and be used by the Russian National Football Team.

Sochi beat off competition from the South Korean city of PyeongChang to host the games which are costing around $11b to transform the infrastructure of the city.

Sochi Olympic Stadium

Editors View

I was sceptical at first that a city which has in the past recorded temperatures of over 20°C in February, would be suitable to host a Winter Olympics. After the reading the plans however I have been convinced these games could be even better than the recent games in Vancouver. The stadium itself looks a great design which incorperates it’s surroundings and does have a useful legacy after the games.

Rating – 9/10


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