Posted by: Lee H | 19/04/2010

Commonwealth Games Not Under Threat

The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium faces a race to be ready in time

Indian police and sporting officials have insisted the Delhi Commonwealth Games are not under threat following the double bomb blast in Bangalore.

The Indian Premier League semi-finals have already been moved to Mumbai as a result of the blasts which have raised security fears throughout India. But officials are adament the games, of which many of the venues including the main athletics stadium, are behind schedule, are not at risk. Police have cited the recent trouble-free hockey World Cup as evidence security issues can be handled.

Cricket officials have stressed that it is too early to contemplate any changes to next year’s Cricket World Cup in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, but with the amount of overseas players that have hesitated in their decision to play in India in the recent past, a switch of host can not be completely ruled out.

The Commonwealth Games will be India’s biggest multiple-sport event since the 1982 Asian Games, and the Indian government is desperate for the even to be a success, to provide a possible platform for a future Indian Olympic Games bid.

Editors View

The people of India deserve to hold such a major event but at the moment the whole project is suffering. Stadiums and venues are well behind schedule and the terror threat can not be ignored with the blasts in Bangalore not too long after the Mumbai terror attacks. I hope the Commonwealth Games go well for India but a lot of work needs to be done for it to be a success.


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